Little Old Me

I’m gettin’ old, yo.

Jk, but seriously I am. It’s just a fact of life: you keep living you get older.  To some people, though, I will always be little.  I like that.  When I feel myself slipping away, I can connect with the people that see me underneath it all.  One of those people is a childhood friend. We’ll call her ” L”.  We have graduated to that grown lady space of  b-day emails and phone calls, but the love is still there. When we talk it’s a massive catch up, usually inspired by some sparked memory of our middle school days.

 I thought of her when I saw  that  Fashion Bomb Daily interviewed Kimora Lee Simmons  for  Fashion Week. ” This is totally something  ‘L” would send me .” I thought to myself.


To her I’m still the skinny little girl  hustilin’ for a pair of Baby Phat Jeans. In middle school I was convinced that they would act as a protective talisman, navigating me through a preteen hell littered with of evil mini hoodrats, popular boys unable to see me and teachers audacious enough to expect my homework on time.

Fashion is not a new fancy for me. When L knew me  I told everybody: I’m moving to New York, I’m going to  FIT and I am gonna be a Fashion Designer. KLS was a major influence to me and as a pre teen I wanted to work for BabyPhat. She showed the world that you could  be street, feminine and profitable in the fashion industry.  I wanted her life. Her shine motivated me.

Knowing  that someone remembers  me that way is  comforting as I continue to work toward my dream. I see those days as my roots. I believe that they will nourish the fruits that I will produce.


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